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Easy Espresso

Because good taste is good design

Stelton's many coffee lovers can look forward to even more good news. Easy Espresso and Easy Café let you enjoy the delicate flavour of good coffee in glasses designed by Hiromichi Konno. The award-winning Japanese designer brings his distinctive style, with soft organic shapes, to a new take on espresso cups and café glasses suitable for both tea and café latte. The design is simple, and the handle is given form through harmonic ovals. Brew some coffee with your favourite beans, and get ready for the aroma wafting from these beautiful glasses hat will intensify the pleasure and bring home the coffee's rich flavour. The glasses are packed in gift boxes of four.


Design (2011): Hiromichi Konno


Technical data

Materials: Glass and plastics

Colour: Black

Height: 5,5 cm

Width: ø 6 cm

FDA approved

Art. no.: x-150-1


  • Nice serving of coffee and tea
  • Simple design based on the oval
  • Suitable for both cold and hot drinks
  • Dishwasher proof

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