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Maya 2000 cutlery

"Maya 2000" was launched in accordance with the times at the turn of the new century. It culminated in Tias Eckhoff reviving his own, already outstanding design-pattern one more time and nearly 40 years after he created one of the world's most-important contributions towards Scandinavian design. Maya 2000 has the same appearance as its classic sisterpattern "Maya", but if one looks at the details, the differences become visible: Maya 2000 is longer and slimmer than its sister, so that the basic triangular form, on which both patterns are based, appears more streamlined and fits to even the most modern and pleasurable table-setting.


Design (2000): Tias Eckhoff


Technical data

Materials: 18/8 Stainless steel

Colour: Satinpolished

Art. no.: C-17

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